10 Countries Where Indian Can Drive With A India Driving License

The best experience comes with when you travel to other place,other city,other country.Do you ever think it could be more reliable for you if you get a chance to grab that experience with  that place while your are driving on your own. Specially  for Indians who love to travel on their own cars and bikes .Their are few countries in the world which allow Indians to get a ride by showing up their valid Indian License.


Britain is allowing Indians to get a ride of their rental vehicle at Britain with  a valid Indian License.You can drive any Where in Britain up to one year with your Indian driving license.


2.United States Of America

As per the law of USA you can drive any where in that country with your valid Indian driving license.But one thing you have to take care of that your Passport must be in English Language. In case your Passport is not in English language don’t worry you just have to get a IDP (International Driving Permit) to enjoy your rides on the streets of USA.

United States Of America


Their is no time limit in Australia to drive your vehicle on the streets .You just have to take care of two things that your Passport must be in English Language and you must have to carry IDP(International Driving Permit).The International Driving Permit is mandatory in Australia.



The German government allows every Indian to drive on the streets of Germany with a time limit of up to six months with their Indian driving license.You just need to translate your Passport into German language from the embassy.



The most demanded honeymoon destination for every newly married couple around the world is Switzerland.The calm and peace of the environment which attracts everyone just to visit once on their life time.Then how should we Indians don’t come across it.If you are travelling to Switzerland and wish to have a ride you can easily drive their up to one year with your Indian driving licence without any restrictions. 




Mauritius is the heaven for the travelers who just want to spend some time with the nature .Every Indian can travel and enjoy a ride on the streets of Mauritius with their valid Indian driving license up to one years.


7.New  Zealand

As compare to other  New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands.If you wish to get a ride with your Indian driving license then its valid up to one year.The one and only restriction is that you can’t choose the vehicles on your own.Indian driving license is not permitted to for each and every vehicle in New Zealand.For that you have to get some extra permission.

New  Zealand


France allows every Indian to drive a vehicle with Indian Licence, but you will need to convert the license into French language from the embassy.France


Norway is the country that is known for its breath taking beauty and lights. And now you can even drive across this land of the midnight sun. All you need is a valid driver’s license but it’s valid only for a period of three months.Norway

10.South Africa

South Africa allows you to drive in with Indian license, only the thing required is it should be in English.South Africa